Renault Clio Sport 182 Trophy Pistonheads car

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TheMattFinish is a member of the Professional Valeters and Detailers Association, a body that has been set up to provide members of the public a safe way of finding an insured, a capable and experienced individual able to carry out the service required.

The organisation has recent cemented strong links with the well know car selling/ forum Pistonheads.

I was contacted by Ben who heads up a large department in the firm to talk about freshening up his recent acquisition a Renault Clio Sport 182 Trophy. Bens pistonheads article

After a chat with Ben and explaining the process that the car would go through the car was booked in. The car would be with me for just over a week to work on and to keep indoors ready to drive down have the headlights restored by Happy Headlights as part of the PVD engagement on the car.

Upon arrival, the car was inspected finding the usual heavy build of grime, old polish residue and lots of tar spots.

As always with my wash process I started with the wheels and arches, this is because you can not control how long the wheels will take and doesn’t allow any water or products to dry on the car if slowed down on a wheel.

A mixture of citrus pre-wash, all-purpose cleaner, wheel cleaner, fallout remover and tar and glue remover were used along with various brushes to remove the built-up dirt.

Once the wheels and arches had been cleaned the car was given a soaking with citrus pre-wash before being rinsed and snow foamed.

Once rinsed the car was using the two bucket method before being treated to tar removing products and fallout products. Once as much of the bonded contaminants had been removed the car was clayed to ensure a perfectly clean surface.

The Clio was dried using a mixture of towels and hot air blower before paint depth measurements were taken to assess the car’s paintwork.

The cars reading showed that it hadn’t been sprayed in the past and solid measurements of 120 microns to 140 were showing.

Being a solid non-metallic red with quite a severe paintwork discolouration along with heavy swirls, buffer trails and RDS it was going to take some considerable time to bring to the high standards I strive to.

The Renaults paintwork was tricky in areas resulting in a multi-stage correction process using many pads compounds and machines

The car was taken outside for a rinse to remove compound dust to ensure that when refining no dust would contaminate to work surface and cause markings.

Once inside the car was dried using the hot air blower and given two wipe downs with Spies Hecker 7010 to ensure there were no filling properties left behind. Once happy the car was refined to bring out the colour and gloss in the paintwork.

Protection of choice was Zaino Z2 a product many have forgotten about but punches well above its weight.

3 coats of Zaino z2 using the boosting systems ZFX and finished with a wipe down of Z8 Grande finale

Correction Detail Package