Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Matte Grey

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“The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is Ferrari’s replacement for the 599 GTB and the company has thrown everything at it to ensure it’s vastly quicker than its seminal predecessor, but also that it’s more enjoyable at low speeds. It claims to be both GT and supercar, mixing front-engined packaging and civility with exotic, F1-inspired dynamic ability. The headlines are that’s it’s considerably smaller (50mm shorter, 60mm lower, 20mm narrower and with a 20mm shorter wheelbase), 70kg lighter at 1525kg (dry), produces more downforce and has a much lower centre-of-gravity.” Evo review

 I was contacted by the client over the deep clean and future upkeep of his daily driven Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in Matte Grey.

We scheduled a meeting so that the client could meet me and I could clearly explain the process the car would go through. With the customer happy a date was set into the diary for a full Swissvax Opaque clean and interior protection. 

Upon arrival, the car was inspected finding the usual heavy build of grime from a well used Supercar.

As always with my wash process I started with the wheels and arches, this is because you can not control how long the wheels will take and doesn’t allow any water or products to dry on the car if slowed down in the process on a wheel.

The Ferrari F12 has monster ceramic discs on the front and rear and these are dealt with completely differently than usually found steel brakes. P21s wheel cleaner and various brushes were used on the wheels and a low mix of APC was used on the arches.

With the wheels and arches cleaned the car was given a soaking with envy bubbly jubbly snowfoam through a pump sprayer before being rinsed and then snow foamed through a lance. 

Once rinsed the car was using the two bucket method before being treated to tar removing products and fallout products. 

The F12 was then dried with various plush drying towels before being driven into the garage where the wheels and shuts were dealt with a hot air blower.

Once inside the car was given two wipe downs with Spies Hecker 7010 to ensure there were no greasy or oily properties left behind on the surface. 

The Ferrari was then treated to the Swissvax Opaque Pre-Cleaner before 2 layers of Swissvax Opaque Wax was applied for the protection.

The monstrous engine bay holding the mighty V12 needed minor work with Gtechniq C2V3 used to protect the plastics and engine components.

The F12s matte wheels were treated to 2 coats of Opaque wax to give adequate protection before the wheels dressed with Pneu.

The lovely interior of the Ferrari was vacuumed to remove all dust and dirt debris before the mats were protected with Gtechniq I1. 

The leather was cleaned with Zaino Z9 before being protected with Swissvax Leather Milk, leaving just the glass which was dealt with the ever-impressive Envy Red Sea cleaner.

Protection Detail Package