Hyundai i30n Fastback New Car Detail

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TheMattFinish is a member of the Professional Valeters and Detailers Association, a body that has been set up to provide members of the public a safe way of finding an insured, capable and experienced individual able to carry out the service required.

“The Hyundai i30 Fastback N takes the foundations of the Korean company’s impressive i30 N high-performance hatchback, and dresses it in a more mature-looking five-door fastback body. Hyundai might bill it as a ‘hot five-door coupe’, but in reality, it’s slightly longer five-door hatch, designed for those who want a more conventionally sporting looking car than the standard i30 N.” From Parkers review

This brand new Hyundai i30n Fastback arrived at TheMattFinish HQ for a New Car Detail and Labocosmetica Ceramic Coatings. 

Upon arrival, the car was grimy from having covered around 700 miles since collection and not being washed.

Engine bay, arches and shuts all cleaned and degreased using Ductile through a IK Foamer sprayer

Fallout remover was sprayed all over the car to break down any metal or ferrous particles embedded onto the paintwork.

The car was fully rinsed and then washed with the 2 bucket method. Carbon collective clay block was used to finish the decontamination of the paintwork before being dried.

The car was brought inside and inspected under the various light sources available before having its paint measured. 

Upon inspection there was some lights swirling and marring in places along with some holograms. 

The car was moved into the ramp and raised to allow the safe removal of the wheels.

The car was machine polished in readiness for ceramic coatings to be applied. A few areas required a multi-stage correction process though mostly a single stage machine polish was all that was required.

As with all ceramic coatings preparation is key so a good wipe down with Panel wipe was required.

TheMattFinish is a certified accredited Labocosmetica detailer and STC + HPC was used on the paintwork.

Gtechniq G1 Smart glass was layered onto all screens.

The interior needed a light hoover to clean before all leather surfaces were treated to Dr Leather Dye block and fabric areas to Fabsil Gold.

The wheels were treated to Blindo + HPC before the wheels being refitted and torqued to factory settings.

Upon completion the customer is handed information on how to maintain the vehicle along with products recommended to purchase. If required Maintenance packages are then arranged for the future.

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New Car Detail