COVID- 19 Coronavirus Update

It’s a busy time here at TheMattFinish. Although I have been on a social media break for almost 3 months, I feel now is the time for me to raise my head again into the online world to deliver a small statement as to where the company is at present. 

Coronavirus (Covid-19) has landed the whole country in completely uncharted and unprecedented territory. TheMattFinish has been keeping a close eye on the fast ever developing situation and is still fully trading from our HQ in Sittingbourne and will continue to do so unless Government guidelines change.

As usual, appointments are by booking only. All government advised precautions that can be taken are in place on site. 

I would like to remind anyone with an upcoming booking or looking to book, please be honest around the issue of Covid-19. I am a self employed professional with a family who does not want to get ill, nor do I want to feel guilty at the risk of those at high risk catching it from me. 

Finally I would like to wish all clients, past and present, the best of health to you and your families