Coronavirus, Covid-19 Cleaning Interior Information Post


Due to a recent increase in valeting and detailing businesses offering Coronavirus ‘removal’ services, we have put together some informative graphics to offer some clarity.

So far, there is little to no evidence available to support some of the services being offered to effectively remove Coronavirus from a vehicle which has been contaminated. All members of PVD have been updated regularly with correct advice on PPE, customer contact (social distancing), and correct ways to market services in minimising the risk of transmission, or infection of Coronavirus. 

We do not condone the advertising of Coronavirus removal services, without clinical or laboratory backed evidence to support such claims. We are working constantly with our fantastic network of PVD Approved Car Care professionals to ensure customer safety, safety of the member, and safety of the vehicle is paramount at all times. 

We are also tracking all products which enter the market making claims to work with the current situation, to ensure PVD Approved professionals have access to the latest tools and products to carry out the work safely.