COVID- 19 Coronavirus Update Monday 18th May

Updated News statement from TheMattFinish.

The Coronavirus virus aka Covid-19 has meant that the doors have been closed at TheMattFinish since Monday 23rd March 

As previously mentioned in company statements (these can be found in the blog sections), Coronavirus (Covid-19) has landed the whole country in completely uncharted and unprecedented territory. TheMattFinish has been keeping a close eye on the fast ever-developing situation and has been listening to Government statements and guidelines. 

At present following guidelines set out by the Government, my working conditions sit in a current ‘Grey Area’. My interpretation of the current advice is that I can go to work, however, clients are not able to bring their cars to me due to being a non-essential trip.

This screenshot of the advice was taken on 17th May from the Government guidelines. Although I believe this to be very misleading as I could drive to the New Forest for exercise, but you can’t drive to my unit to deliver your car, for the time being, I will continue to keep the business closed. 

From viewing the information available on the government sites, I believe that these travel restrictions may be lifted or relaxed at the time when a non-essential business can reopen doors which at present is 1st June, this is fully dependent on the government’s targets/levels being met.

If all continues smoothly then I am looking to do a soft opening from Monday 1st June with the view to building up workloads over the weeks leading from this. 

I will be in touch with clients who were scheduled to have bookings and maintenance plans to advise of the current company plans so that we can work together moving forward. Please get in touch with me direct on 07714310261 if you have any questions. 

As always I would like to wish all clients, past and present, the best of health to you and your families.

Matthew Thomas