Audi RS6 C6 Estate Enhancement Detail

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“So it was almost four years before the C6 arrived as an Avant model in early 2008. It was worth the wait to find out what a V10-powered family car would feel like with two turbos and 580hp. This also made it the most powerful production Audi ever made at that point” Pistonheads review

This Audi RS6 Estate arrived at TheMattFinish HQ for an Enhancement Detail and wheel refurbishment

Upon arrival, the car was very dirty.

The car was brought inside and inspected under the various light sources available before having its paint measured. 

Upon inspection, there were some heavy swirling and marring in places along with some holograms and deeper scratches across the Audi

The car was moved into the ramp and raised to allow the safe removal of the wheels with guider bars.

The car began its multi stage machine polishing, here are some pictures of the progress

The wheels came back Lepsons after their refurbishment and then were given two layers of Ceramic Coating

Upon finishing off the correction stages the car was wiped down with Gyeon Prep to ensure that there was no greases and oils on the paintwork ahead of Ceramic coating the paintwork.

These are after the refinement stages and prior to ceramic coating application.

The Audi was then treated to the multi stage ceramic treatment of Siramik APT, this is a dual layered treatment, HR and then Ultima applied to the paintwork.

The glass was treated to Gtechniq G1 with the interior being full cleaned and leather areas treated to Dr Leather Dye Block

The wheels were then re installed and torqued to the correct level.

Here are the finished pictures

Upon completion the customer is handed information on how to maintain the vehicle along with products recommended to purchase. If required Maintenance packages are then arranged for the future.

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