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Correction Detail – TheMattFinish Signature Package

The Correction Detail, TheMattFinish Signature Package has been designed for those vehicles with the most severe paintwork defects and for those people looking for as close to perfection as the paintwork will allow. This includes removing defects such as deep swirl marks or deep scratches.

Markings such as these are caused by a poor wash process and automated car washes. Wear and tear over time also takes its toll on the paintworks condition with things such as tree sap and bird etchings.

The correction detail is a long and overhauling process that is carried out over several days. Paintwork measurements are consistently taken whilst working around the car to ensure the integrity of the cars clearcoat and paint isn’t lost. The aim of the process is to get the car as close to 99% perfect condition with every panel given multiple machine polish sets and refined down.

Due to the nature of this process, this package must be completed indoors. This can be provided at TheMattFinish HQ in Sittingbourne or at a clients choosing with adequate space and amenities. Click here for more details on the unit

Here is an explanation of what goes into getting your car ready;

-Safe deep wash using two bucket method
-Paintwork decontamination with the use of iron fallout/tar remover and then clayed
-Engine bay cleaned and dressed
-Wheels removed to deep clean arches and wheels
-IPA/Panel wipe down
-Multi-stage machine polish to lift the colour and the gloss of the car removing defects were possible within the paint readings taken (As close to perfect as possible)
-IPA/Panel wipe down
-Interior is cleaned, leather areas treated to Dr Leather Dye Block and non-leather areas with Gtechniq I1
-Alloys removed and protected with two layers of ceramic coating
-Calipers ceramic coated
-Single-layer of ceramic coating applied to the paintwork and any other exterior surfaces
-Glass sealant applied to all exterior glass
Prices from £1,250
Package time from 5 days (50 hours minimum)

Ceramic Upgrades;

Labocosmetica Dual-layered system SAM + HPC £225

Labocosmetica Dual-layered system STC + HPC £295

Labocosmetica Dual-layered system Blindo + HPC £425

Siramik Advanced Protection Technolgy (APT) – Dual-layered system SC Altum and SC Ultima £275

Carbon Collective Dual-layered self-healing system Molecule Ceramic Coating and Nero Ceramic Coating £325

Siramik Advanced Protection Technolgy (APT) and Diamas Professionali (Aggregated Diamond Nanorods) £425