Porsche Macan GTS and Carrera 4 GTS Maintenance Detail

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This Porsche Macan GTS is the workhorse of the family and is used for a variety of uses.

-Rinse and Pre-wash applied
-Rinsed and Snowfoam
-Safe deep wash using two bucket method
-Engine bay cleaned and dressed
-Wheels deep cleaned including the arches
-Dried using specialist drying towels and professional blower
-Interior is cleaned wiped down and hovered
-Spray sealant applied to top up protection on the vehicle
-Glass Cleaned
-Tyres Dressed

Next was this lovely 911 Carerra 4 GTS. This car received a new car detail just over a year ago.

After Pre wash and snow foam the car was washed using the two bucket method used Dooka Si Wash.

Open hosed rinsed using purified water and then dried with a plush drying towel and wiped down with Labocosmetica Perfècta.

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