The most important question I feel in my opinion and that I would ask a company before they conduct any work on my pride and joy… Are you insured to carry out detailing and valeting services?

Yes I am, The Matt Finish is a fully insured by a company who specialise in detailing and valeting Insurance. Details of this can be provided if required.

Why I suggest NOT to use automatic or Hand Car Washes?

In my opinion the wash technique used via street end corner washes and machine operated car washes is incorrect. Many of the products that are used on the cars are very harmful and used for speed and not to create the best finish. At The Matt Finish I choose my products so that they do not harm any part of your car from your paint to the lacquer on your wheels. I use a multiple stage washing process using 3 buckets (2 Bucket method for the cars paint, 1 for the wheels) and try to remove as much dirt and road grime before even laying a wash mitt on the car. Their drying methods using leathers or water blades are generally doing more harm than good, as they are moving dirt from the surface around your car at high speeds and this inflicts swirls and even scratches.

What is paint contamination?

Paint contamination consists of tiny metal fillings from rail dust, brake dust and industrial fallout. This contamination affects all paint finishes and can cause serious damage when left untreated. Paint contamination can be felt as a rough or gritty texture on the paints surface which can be felt when you run your hand along the car.

What if the weather is bad when the date arrives to clean my car?

A garage is always the best option for mobile work for me to work in throughout the year. If I am unable to operate due to the weather I will endeavor to fit your car in at the next available date.

The reason I do not operate in the rain or use a gazebo is that the moisture and dampness in the air means that personally I am not 100% happy and don’t think the car will look its best and have the protection that I aim to leave.

What areas do you cover?

I live in Sittingbourne, Kent however when required cover the whole of the UK as I have traveled to Wales and further up North to meet client’s needs.

I can be fully mobile and with this I am able to not cause any pressure in bringing me your vehicle, travel and accommodation. I can easily arrange accommodation near you no matter where you are for as long as is required and work from a location suitable to you.

A detailed quote can be put together and emailed to you on request. If I am conducting a detail of more than one day then it is essential that the car can be inside and not be moved until the completion of the package

Unit Based

Apart from covering the United Kingdom with my mobile services, I am also able to offer work to be carried out in The Matt Finish unit based in Sittingbourne on the Eurolink estate. By booking your vehicle in at the unit you’re guaranteeing that weather will not interfere with the work whilst and ensuring the car is in the perfect environment.

The unit is easy to find being 5 minutes from the local train station and easily accessible from the A249/M2/M20 being a 10 minutes drive away/M25 being a 20 minute drive away

How do I make a booking and how much notice is needed?

It would be advisory to book with plenty of time in advance to avoid delay or disappointment; this is more so for detailing work to be carried out. However, if I am able to fit you in at short notice I will do so.

I can also come out to the vehicle before any package to inspect its condition and answer any questions.


How do I pay for your services?

I accept cash BACS or paypal. Card is accepted however Credit Cards are subject to 5% surcharge

Do I require a deposit for my booking?

Yes a deposit is required to secure your booking.  I operate a 72 hour cancellation process, if you cancel within the 72 hours before your booking this may result in the full loss of the deposit.

We have a motorhome/caravan/truck, could you valet this?

I sure can. I would advise an inspection just so I can set aside the correct time for the job.

Do I need access to water and power?

Yes I need access to water and power when away from the unit

Additional T&C's

  • Any car that is heavily soiled on the exterior maybe subject to an additional charge
  • Please let me know if you have any pet hair in the car etc or heavily soiled areas as these may need extra time to clean and may be subject to an additional charge
  • If a booking is arranged, it is your responsibility to make sure that the vehicle is in an area that is allowed to be washed in and that I can get my van close by along with access to power and water

Got a question?

Ask away, I’m here to help. No question is a stupid one.

Get in touch using the contact us page or call on 07714 310 261.