Enhancement Detail

The Paintwork Enhancement Detail is the most popular package that is currently offered at TheMattFinish and is guaranteed to transform your vehicle to a new level.

Sometimes 100% correction isn’t always possible or wanted on cars that are used for everyday uses. New and existing customers often choose this to freshen up existing cars, new second-hand purchases or to get a car ready to sell privately. Having an Enhancement Detailing package done to your vehicle will freshen up the paintwork leaving a very high gloss finish adding depth and clarity.

Being that no car, new or old, is the same, various methods will be needed to obtain the required finish. This being that some panels may require a single stage machine to other areas requiring a multi-stage process.

The Matt Finish has learned with experience that through consultation and inspection with the customers to understand the needs of your vehicle, it is the best route forward to building the perfect package for the car and your requirements along with your budget.

Upon arrival, the car goes through a thorough wash and decontamination wash stage to safely remove any bonded contamination ahead of work. In this process the wheels are removed to deep cleanse the wheels and the arches of dirt and grime, the engine bay is deep cleaned along with all shuts door and boot, etc.

The paintwork is decontaminated with the use of fallout removers, tar and glue removers, and clay which is a physical product removed to shift any harder contaminated areas. The car is then moved into the unit where it is dried ahead of a full paintwork inspection.

The paintwork inspection includes the car being checked over with various light sources to determine the defects that are in the car.

The aim of the detail is to remove defects such as;

-Swirl markings

-Wash related defects such as marring

-Bodyshop or dealership defects such as buffer trails and hologram removal

-Sanding flattening marks, Pig tail sanding marls common from DA Sanding on prep work of paintwork

Paint thickness readings are taken with a Paint Depth Gauge often as we focus on removing as little as possible to main the longevity of the car’s clear coat. The majority of Enhancement Details carried out will involve a 2 stage machine polish with multiple passes or sets.  The 2 stage is usually a cutting stage with compound followed by a refining stage to remove the haze created in the initial cut. There can sometimes be more stages involved depending on the paint condition and how the paint reacts.

Please note deeper scratches and defects are not chased out in this Enhancement Detail package. If this is something you wish for then please check out our Correction Detail where we strive for as close to perfect as possible.

After the machine polishing stages are completed the car is dusted down and wiped down with panel wipe degreasers to remove any trace of oils or polishes that maybe on the surface. This is an important step as if any oils and polish remain the protect that is carried out on top will not be able to bond and adhere and would, therefore, fail very quickly.

As part of the process of the Enhancement Detail, a single layer of ceramic coating is applied as part of the package to all paintwork surfaces along with the front and back of the wheels and the calipers. The glass is coated with a durable coating and the interior is fully cleaned and protected. All other areas are then treated such as engine bays, arch trims, etc.

Ceramic coatings are a buzz word in the detailing industry and have become very popular over the past few years. Here at TheMattFinish, we like to test all products before they make their way to customers’ cars and ceramic coatings are no different. Many large brands have been trialed and many have failed to deliver what is needed for our clients. If you would like to upgrade your coating choice please see below for the various options and please contact me for any further questions.

Due to the nature of this process, this package must be completed indoors away from the outside elements. This can be provided at TheMattFinish HQ in Sittingbourne, Kent, or can be carried out at a client’s house with adequate space and amenities.

TheMattFinish would require your car for a minimum of 4 days to carry out this package.

Due to the process involved, it is necessary to book in advance and a non-refundable deposit may be required.

Here is an explanation of what goes into getting your car ready;

-Safe deep wash using two bucket method
-Paintwork decontamination with the use of iron fallout/tar remover and then clayed
-Engine bay cleaned and dressed
-Wheels removed to deep clean arches and wheels
-IPA/Panel wipe down
-Multi-stage machine polish to lift the colour and the gloss of the car removing defects present. Random Deep scratches RDS will remain as these are targeted in the Correction Detail
-IPA/Panel wipe down
-Interior is cleaned, leather areas treated to Dr Leather Dye Block and non-leather areas with Gtechniq I1
-Alloys removed and protected with two layers of high temperature wax
-Calipers waxed with high temperature wax
-Single-layer of wax applied
-Glass sealant applied to all exterior glass

Ceramic Upgrades;

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light and Exo £395

Titan Ceramic Coating Dual Layer Titan + Zeus £395

Titan Ceramic Coating Dual Layer Vulcan £495