Headlight Restorations

A common problem found on older cars is that light emitted by the headlights is obscured by cloudy/misted over plastic lenses.

Car manufacturers use polycarbonate plastic to mould and make headlights as these are highly impact resistant. From new, they are coated with a protectant that depending on manufactures last for a few years.

With wear and tear of the lens they begin to look discoloured leaving a cloudy, foggy and sometimes yellow appearance.

Due to this appearance, some cars fail their MOT for failing to emit enough light and thus being dangerous for night driving.

Many people are directed to the car main dealers to replace the lights due to this fault which is a very expensive option to take.

Below is an example of headlight restoration that I have taken place.

The client was about to pay £1200+Vat for new headlights to improve the ability of nighttime driving when he stumbled across my services.

As you can see the lights were highly discolored and stopping a lot of light passing through them

From above you can see the difference is night and day and left the client with headlights that performed better in the evening and also saved money.