Protection Detail

At The Matt Finish, I think it is essential to protect your vehicle against all of the elements and keeping your pride and joy in tip-top condition. The package aims to improve the overall condition of your car and leaving it protected, leaving the vehicle easier to maintain.

This is our entry-level detailing package and we believe that the Protection Detail delivers a serious bang for its buck.

Your car will undergo a thorough exterior deep clean to leave a perfectly clean car and a foundation to lay some sold protection on top. Not only does your paintwork get protected but your wheels are waxed and sealed with a high-temperature wax and your windows are sealed to aid with vision through the torrential rainstorms that are commonplace in the United Kingdom.

Upon arrival, the car will go through a multi wash process and decontamination stage to safely remove any bonded contamination ahead of work commencing. In this process the wheels are removed to deep cleanse the wheels and the arches of dirt and grime, the engine bay is deep cleaned along with all shuts door and boot, etc.

The paintwork is decontaminated with the use of fallout removers, tar and glue removers, and clay which is a physical product removed to shift any harder contaminated areas.  The car is then safely brought into the unit and dried ahead of work being carried out.

As part of the package, the car is machine polished with a pre-wax cleaner polish. This process improves the gloss levels of the vehicle and leaves the perfect foundation for a wax or polymer sealant to be applied.

Along with the paintwork being treated and protected  the wheels are given 2 layers of wax, glass treated, engine bay dressed and the interior fully cleaned and protected.

In the end, the car is fully protected and ready to go out into the elements of the world.

Please note, because of the semi-permanent features of ceramic coatings we don’t offer ceramic coatings on paint finishes that are not as close to defect-free as possible. This means the vehicle must be in very good condition or have had a current detailing package carried out, for example, an Enhancement Detail or Correction Detail

Due to the nature of this process, this package must be completed indoors. This can be provided at The Matt Finish HQ in Sittingbourne or at clients choosing with adequate space and amenities.

Due to the process involved, it is necessary to book in advance and a non-refundable deposit may be required.

Here is an explanation of what goes into getting your car ready;

-Safe deep wash using two bucket method
-Paintwork decontamination with the use of iron fallout/tar remover and then clayed
-Engine bay cleaned and dressed
-Wheels removed to deep clean arches and wheels
-IPA/Panel wipe down
-Single-stage machine polish using a Pre- Wax cleaner or AIO (All in one polish)  to lift the colour and the gloss of the car and leaving a good base for Protection to be applied (Please note this is not a correction detail and will not remove defects)
-IPA/Panel wipe down
-Interior is cleaned, leather areas treated to Dr Leather Dye Block and non-leather areas with Gtechniq I1
-Alloys removed and protected with two layers of high temperature wax
-Calipers waxed
-Two-layers of Swissvax Utopia wax applied to the paintwork
-Labocosmetica Hydra applied to all exterior trim
-Glass sealant applied to all exterior glass