Maintenance Detail

*Please Note* The Maintenace Detail is only available to clients and their vehicles who have received a Protection Detail or above carried out by the TheMattFinish.

If your vehicle has been detailed elsewhere and Maintenance is sought, please get in contact to arrange a consultation

The Maintenance Detail is a perfect way of refreshing the exterior look of your car after detailing packages have been carried out.

Maintenance cleans can take place whenever you choose, though, these are normally every 2- 4 weeks.

A brief overview but not limited to:

-Rinse and Pre-wash applied
-Rinsed and Snowfoam
-Safe deep wash using two bucket method
-Engine bay cleaned and dressed
-Wheels deep cleaned including the arches
-Dried using specialist drying towels and professional blower
-Interior is cleaned wiped down and hovered
-Spray sealant applied to top up protection on the vehicle
-Glass Cleaned
-Tyres Dressed

Prices from- £85 – Average time taken is 3 Hours


Please note: If a vehicle is heavily soiled, we reserve the right to adjust these prices accordingly. This will always be discussed with you prior to commencing any work.

The Maintenance Detail offers flexibility to be carried out at your home or work. Water and powered needed for this service to be carried out

Please see out T&C’s for more details