Windscreen Repellent

With the winter months descending on us, our window wipers are put under severe strain as they have to work hard through all the rain we receive. Have your windscreen coated with our windscreen coating, which makes it easier driving in heavy rain without having to use your wipers excessively.

Products used:

Hydrophobe Protection Pro

Hydrophobe Pro is an easy to use hydrophobic nano coating for external glass surfaces. The high quality coatings are easy to clean and highly durable. The product requires no special application conditions, polishing or buffing – apply, wash off with clean water and the reduced sticking easy to clean, hard wearing hydrophobic coating is ready.

  • Low stick, water repellent coating or glass.
  • Dramatically improved visibility through vehicle windscreens in adverse conditions.
  • High resistance to cleaning chemicals and salt.
  • Low maintenance – requires only water to clean.

Gtechniq G1 Smart Screen

Most rain repellent coatings adhere to the surface of glass by means of relatively weak physical bonds, G1 uses a chemical bond, giving the G1 unrivalled durability. If the windscreen is properly prepared prior to G1 application, the effects can last for up to 2 years or 30,000 miles!

Features & Benefits:

  • Excellent durability & low smearing.
  • Wiper blade proof.
  • Makes wet weather driving safer & less tiring.
  • Highly concentrated nano technology formulation.
  • Keeps windshields cleaner longer & makes bugs & ice easy to remove.

Both these products are proven on-road and motorsport cars.

Estimated time of application- 1-2 Hours.